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benefits of dragon fruit for pregnant women

dragon fruit has now found many but not many people understand all the properties that exist on the dragon fruit. In general, the dragon fruit is consumed in the form of fresh fruit that can relieve thirst, as the dragon fruit's water content is very high about 90%. Dragon fruit has a unique shape so highlight features of the full benefits of this fruit. Dragon fruit has a bright red skin color, skin is not smooth, but covered with scales that looked like a big snake or dragon. Content of the fruit is white, red or purple with a sprinkling of black seeds. Texture it as sweet basil taste like a kiwi fruit.
Ancient Chinese society considers the dragon fruit is more than just fruit with a variety of benefits. Fruit with skin that resembles a large snake scales is often a companion of the two statues on the altar table offerings. Every Lunar New Year celebrations this fruit is also presented, and became one of the required presentation because it is believed to bring fortune.
In place of origin, Mexico, dragon fruit that is considered one eye. Only when brought into Vietnam, the dragon fruit plant cultivated extensively before finally evolving into Southeast Asia. In Vietnam dragon fruit is often called Thanh Long or clever dragon, while the Chinese call Feuy Long Kwa. In areas of Mexico, as the dragon fruit comes Pitahaya.
Dragon fruit is also very good for the circulatory system. The fruit is very effective in reducing emotional stress and neutralize toxins in the blood. Dragon fruit contains 80 percent water, vitamin C, fiber, calcium, iron, and phosphorus are useful to cope with high blood pressure. The high fiber content prevents constipation, and iron (Fe) to prevent anemia in pregnant women. For the fetus, vitamin B3 (folic acid) helps the formation and development of the nervous system of the spine, while calcium (Ca) is useful to support the formation of strong bones and teeth. Congratulations to add dragon fruit in your favorite salad menu.
Content as well as the dragon fruit which reached 0.7 to 0.9 grams in each gram is also very useful in the digestive system and lower cholesterol levels. If you want to avoid the various diseases, there is no harm if you eat a dragon fruit from now.
Overall, each of the red dragon fruit contains a protein that is able to increase metabolism and maintain cardiovascular health; fiber (to prevent colon cancer, diabetes and diet); carotene (eye health, strengthen the brain and prevent disease), calcium (bone strengthening).

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